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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Integrated Chemical Specialties, a division of Integrated Traffic Systems USA, provides a range of Specialty Products for use in manufacturing industries such as Paints & Coatings, Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Water Treatment, Construction and the Food, Flavor and Fragrance.

Some of our key products are as follows:

Indorez Hydrocarbon Resin, Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin
Hyfrac Guar Gum
D-Ribo Beta-D-Ribofuranose 1/2/3/5 tetra acetate
iprime Thermoplastic Primer
EpoPrime Epoxy Primer
Eximco Organic Yellow 83, Ultramarine Blue Type 7011H
ITCOBlend HYDRILL 100, HYDRILL 200 ITCO, HYDRILL 250 ITCO, POLY ANIONIC CELLULOSE (PAC), POLY ANIONIC CELLULOSE (LOW VISCOSITY), POLY ANIONIC CELLULOSE (HIGH VISCOSITY), SCAVANGER, SCAVANGER with Anti Scalant, Water Corrosion Inhibitor (CBO), Acid Corrosion Inhibitor, Biocide AM, Biocide AL, De-Emulsifier, De-Oiler, De-Scaler 12M and Emulsifier.
ITCO ChemBlend AMPS 2-Acrylamido 2-methylpropane Sulfonic Acid (AMPS)
ITCO ChemBlend NA-ATBS 2-Acrylomido 2 methyl-1-propane Sulfonic Acid (Na-ATBS)
ITCO ChemBlend Grade 1 Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate (Grade 1)
ITCO ChemBlend L1-10 Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid (L1-10)
ITCO SIL Silanes and Siloxanes
ITCO ChemBlend NTOa N-tertiary Octyl acrylamide (NTOa)
Nianico Niacinamide
OnAdd Zinc Stearate Micronized, Paraffinic Oil (PP Oil WW 150), Castor Oil (CFSG Oil), Calcium Stearate
OnWax Oxidized Polyethylene Wax, Non Oxidized Polyethylene Wax, Fisher-Tropsch Wax, Paraffin Wax
Bentopure Bentonite
PureTone Titanium Dioxide Rutile
SealPro Solvent Based Repellant Coating
Ti-ORG Organic Titanate

Integrated Chemical Specialties, a division of ITS USA strives to provide our clients with the highest quality, competitively priced product with exceptional customer service and experienced logistical support.

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