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Chemical Name CAS No. Chemical Purpose Product Function
2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid  15214-89-8 AMPS copolymers can Inhibit fluid loss and be used in oil field environments, Such polymers with low molecular weights cannot only Inhibit Calcium, Magnesium, & Silica Scale in cooling towers and boilers, but also help corrosion control by dispersing Iron Oxide Scale Inhibitors & Friction Reducers
2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid 37971-36-1 Corrosion Inhibitor in Boiler feed water Intermediates &  Anti-Corrosive 
Carbohydrazide 497-18-7 Carbohydrazide based liquid for use on deaerated feedwater. Suitable Hydrazine replacement. Ideal “zero solids” treatment for HP boilers. Oxygen Scavengers
Cyclohexylamine 108-91-8 Neutralizing Amines are considered neturalizing chemicals Corrosion Inhibitor
Diethylaminoethanol 100-37-8 Neutralizing amines are considered neturalizing chemicals Corrosion Inhibitor & Intermediates 
Diethylhydroxylamine 3710-84-7 DEHA based liquid. “Zero solids” and steam volatile. Ideal for medium and high pressure boilers and will provide condensate system protection Oxygen Scavengers & Corrosion Inhibitor
Ethylene Diamine Tetra (Methylene Phosphonic Acid) Pentasodium Salt (Powder) 7651-99-2 Used in scale and corrosion inhibition for circulating water and boiler water systems, in chelating agents in non-cyanide electroplating, in water-softening agents in dyeing industry Chelating Agent & Viscosty Controlling
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid 60-00-4 Dissolution of scale in boilers Scale inhibitors
Glyoxylic Acid 298-12-4 Anti-corrosion scale of storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers and circulating water equipments. Use as a pool chemical Anti-corrosion
Hydrazine Hydrate 215-662-8 Boiler Water Treatment Oxygen Scavengers
Morpholine 110-91-5 Neutralizing amines are considered neturalizing chemicals Corrosion Inhibitor
Propylene Glycol  57-55-6 Boiler sludge concentrations created by coagulation treatment may be avoided by sodium phosphate treatment.May be used as a heat transfer medium or as an Antifreeze. Anti freeze,Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors
Sodium Aluminate 1302-42-7 Coagulant, flocculant for water treatment; boiler water additive Flocculant
Sodium Molybdate Solution 35% 7631-95-0 Corrosion Inhibitor for open and closed cooling water systems, engine coolants and oil drilling muds. Corrosion Inhibitor
Sodium Polymethacrylate 54193-36-1 Boiler water additive,scale inhibitor for boiler and cooling water treatment, Scale Inhibitor, Dispersant, Stabilizer, Additive 
Sodium Sulphite 7757-83-7 Catalysed bisulphite liquid. High strength, for use in low and medium pressure boilers. Oxygen Scavengers
Tannin 1401-55-4 Tannin based liquid oxygen scavenger. It both scavenges the oxygen and forms a corrosion resistant film. Ideal for low pressure and steam heritage applications. Oxygen Scavengers

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