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CAS NO. 13035-78-9


BentoPure™ chemistry forms the basis for a range of next generation High Performance Water Based Mud Systems.

Our BentoPure™ chemistry is specially reacted from natural materials to create polymer chains which interact and cross-link. By carefully controlling the BentoPure™ chemistry, Integrated Chemical Specialties have been able to offer a range of viscosity grades, all with a unique membrane forming ability and surface-active properties.

The base BentoPure™ drilling fluid system provides superior shear thinning and drag reducing characteristics, developing very low ECDs and optimized hydraulic horsepower at the bit. Its use significantly improves hole cleaning and ROP’s, particularly in large diameter and long lateral sections.

The unique BentoPure™ membrane forms a very effective, non-invasive, solids free, slick filter cake. This effectively stabilizes challenging formations and reduces the risk of differential sticking, whilst maintaining reservoir protection. The BentoPure™ membrane also generates excellent shale stability and lubricity, minimizing torque and drag, positively impacting Non-Productive Time.

Furthermore, the BentoPure™ membrane with its surface-active structure, provides excellent shale encapsulation characteristics – reducing cuttings degradation.

Utilizing a BentoPure™ High Performance Water Based Mud Systems, drilled cuttings are removed from the hole more efficiently, with a larger particle size. In addition, with BentoPure™ low screen blinding tendencies; finer shaker screens can be run. The net effect is lower mud consumption and reduced waste disposal costs, resulting in significant cost reductions for the operator.

BentoPure™ chemistry is compatible with a wide range of commonly used oilfield chemicals and it can be used in a wide density range of monovalent and divalent brine types.

BentoPure™ provides a safe and easy to manage drilling fluid system. This enables rapid mixing of a highly stable mud system, which is tolerant of a wide range of typical oilfield contaminants such as cement, calcium, magnesium, carbonate and low gravity solids.

In short BentoPure™ chemistry forms the base for a highly effective, ultra-high-performance water based mud system which can be used to drill the entire well from top hole to reservoir section, whilst providing optimum environmental protection.

Description Granules made from natural, organic free, high-swelling bentonite.Designed for use in the groundwater monitoring industry to form a chemically resilient, highly impermeable and flexible seal. Clear Solutions bentonite granules isolate screened intervals of monitoring wells and provide an excellent seal for abandoned boreholes.
  • Provide a highly impermeable well seal.
  • Does not shrink or crack.
  • Easy to pour to depth.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uniform size helps prevent bridging.
  • Chemically stable.
  • Self-sealing, remain flexible when saturated and will rehydrate.
Benefits Disperse rapidly in water and can be mixed to around 30% high solids with a conductivity of 0.65 W/m°K. Sand can be added to increase the solids content to 70% while still remaining pumpable to give a thermal conductivity up to 2.10 W/m°K.
Typical Properties
Recommended Treatment For shallow applications, pour BentoPure™ bentonite granules slowly and steadily to prevent blocking and bridging. For deep applications, bentonite granules may be tremied into place – add bentonite granules to the tremie pipe and quickly chase with wate or air to deliver the granules quickly and accurately to the desired depth.

Refer to BentoPure™ SDS for health & safety guidance before handling and mixing.
Packaging Packed in 20 kg plastic bags, 50 bags per pallet. All pallets are stretch wrapped.

Integrated Chemical Specialties, a division of ITS USA strives to provide our clients with the highest quality, competitively priced product with exceptional customer service and experienced logistical support.

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