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CAS NO. 17927-72-9



Titanates are organic compounds that contain titanium dioxide group.

Potassium titanates are used in applications instead of asbestos because they can be very fibrous depending on chemical process during their production. They are an alternative fiber-like material to replace asbestos; they have good wear and tear stability, act as noise buffer and have a high melting point of around 1300°C. Zirconium titanates have a variety of applications ranging from use in wireless communication to effective acid-base bifunctional catalyst and as temperature pigments in chemical industry. ZrO2 and TiO2 based oxides can also be used in think film and optics applications as well as for composites and sensor production. They can be used in the microwave frequency region as a temperaturestable low loss di-electric material.

Industry Application
Construction Internal walls as replacement for asbestos in sheet-rock
Pigments Additive
Coatings Additive


Ti-ORG™ is usually formulated with other ingredients in catalysis, cross linking or paint applications.

It is often added last to avoid undesired pre-reactions with water or other components. Time required for cross-linking or gel formation depends on formulation ingredients, temperature, pH, titanate concentration and other factors.


Ti-ORG™ is a tri-ethanolamine titanium complex with 80% active ingredient in alcohol solvent.

Ti-ORG™ reacts with water by hydrolysis to form a reactive hydroxy titanium chelate that is stable in water for extended periods. The original or hydrated chelate bonds with organic - OH or - COOH group to form strong gels by crosslinking many polymeric materials and carbohydrates such as cellulose, starch and guar. Ti-ORG™ reacts similarly as an adhesion promoter on functionalized surfaces, and also acts as a Lew is acid catalyst in processes such as esterification, transesterification, condensation and addition.


Reaction Catalysts

Ti-ORG™ acts as a Lewis acid catalyst for esterification, transesterification, condensation and addition reactions. It is especially well suited to direct esterification processes due to its excellent compatibility with the water by product. Benefits include moderate reaction rates, highyield, easy workup, low toxicity and low catalyst concentration.

Oil Well Fracturing Fluids

Ti-ORG™ is an effective cross-linker that forms high-viscosity aqueous gels in dispersions of guar and its derivatives used in oil and gas well fracturing applications.

Thixotropic Paints

Ti-ORG™ is an effective crosslinking agent for carbohydratecoated latex particles in highly viscous thixotropic paints.

Waterborne Paints

Ti-ORG™ is an effective crosslinking agent for the pigments and binders in a crylics and other waterborne paints.


Regulated for transportation by USDOT

Safety & Handling

Please refer to the current Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed safety, handling and toxicity information.

Typical Shelf Life

2 years

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