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EpoPrime™ Epoxy Sealer

EpoPrime™ Epoxy Sealer is a two component, solvent borne, epoxy/polyamide sealer designed for use on concrete, masonry, and brick. Dustproofs concrete by penetrating surface pores leaving a tough durable film. Can also be used as primer/sealer for epoxy and thermoplastic traffic applications.

Product Features

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent penetration
  • Excellent under epoxy and thermoplastics
  • Can be sprayed, padded, brushed, or rolled.

Recommended Uses

EpoPrime™ Epoxy Sealer is ideal for interior concrete floors, concrete block walls, terrazzo, rock and most masonry-based surfaces. In exterior applications, ideal bond coat for epoxy, urethane, and thermoplastic.


Mixing This is a two-component coating. Add equal parts of ITS 500 and ITS 550 to larger container and mix thoroughly. Allow mixed coating to set for 10-20 minutes before applying
Pot Life 12 hours at 68°F
Application Equipment Conventional or Airless spray
Application Temperature Use between 50 – 90°F, maximum humidity 80%, 5 degrees above dew point.
Surface Preparation Remove all old paint. Adhesion is greatly improved when the surface is roughed up using a light “brush blast” prior to sealer application. Surface must be dry.
Striping Application Apply ahead of striping application. When the sealer is almost dry to touch with a slight tacky feel, the thermoplastic should be applied.
Thinning Epoxy Thinner
Clean-Up Epoxy Thinner

Mixing & Thinning

Stir each container thoroughly prior to use. Mix equal parts ITS 500 and ITS 550 by volume. Allow for a minimum of a 15 minute induction time before applying. Material is packaged at a viscosity requiring little or no reduction for application by brush, roller or spray.

Solvent of choice is Epoxy Thinner. MEK and acetone may be used. To store partially used container, pour a small amount of the recommended thinner over the surface. Do not stir. Replace lid securely. Store away from heat or open flame. Mix thoroughly before reusing.

Product Characteristics

Properties based on ITS 500 & ITS 550 Clear Finish 85+ @ 60°
Volume Solids Mixed 22% +/- 2%
VOC Mixed (Unreduced) (EPA Method 24): 672 g/l (5.6 lb/gal)
Potlife 16 hours
Shelf Life 2 years at 77°F (25°C) for unopened product

Surface Prep

Surfaces to be finished must be clean, dry and free of dirt, oil or any contamination that would adversely affect adhesion, protective properties or appearance of the coating.

Any concrete must be sufficiently cured to have complete hydration, approximately 28 days before applying EpoPrime™ Epoxy Sealer.

All other substrates contact your EpoPrime™ representative.

Application Method

Material can be applied by

  • conventional air
  • airless
  • pad
  • brush
  • air-assist airless
  • roller
  • squeegee

Spray Gun Setup

Feed Type Fluid Tip Application Pressures (heel of gun) Fluid Delivery
Siphon Feed 1.6-1.8 mm 40-50 psi
Gravity Feed 1.6-1.8 mm 30-40 psi
Pressure Feed 1.4-1.8 mm 50-60 psi 10-14 oz/min
Air Assist Airless 0.009-0.017” 1,000-1,800 psi
Airless % 0.011-0.015” 1,700-3,000 psi

Film Build

EpoPrime™ Epoxy Sealer has a recommended film build thickness of:

Wet (unreduced): 4-6 mils wet (100-150 microns)
Dry: 0.8-1.2 mils dry (20-30 microns)

Thermoplastic applications will be 2 to 3 times above the above wet film recommendations when applied by striping machine.

Theoretical coverage at 1.0 mil (25 microns)
DFT: 352 ft² per gallon at 100% transfer efficiency.

Spray Viscosity

  Using a #2 Zahn Cup
20-30 Seconds* Reduce as necessary*
Conventional Airless

Note: Spraying viscosity and thinning will depend on ambient conditions, spray equipment used, and the desired surface finish.

See Mixing & Thinning section for recommend reducing solvents

Dry Times

Optimum drying conditions are 60°F to 90°F (16°C to 32°C) at 50% R.H. Lower temperatures and high humidity will slow dry. Surface must be dry and at least 5°F above the dew point. Never apply to masonry surfaces that are high in moisture content (above 20%), check with a moisture meter.

Cure Time (Based on 70°F & 50% R.H.):

To Touch: 5-10 minutes
To Handle: 30 minutes
Dry Through: 16 hours, Full Cure: 7 days.
To Recoat: May be recoated as early as 1 hour.

(Once solvent has left the film, thermoplastic may be applied)

Topcoating Information

• Avoid think films or puddling of product.
• Coverage will depend on porosity of substrate

Clean Up

• Clean all equipment immediately after use with xylol for spray guns and line, pots and other equipment
• Follow manufacturer’s safety recommendations when using any solvent.

Ordering Information

Available in Gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon drum. Custom sizes may be available.

Environmental Conditions

For optimum coating performance product, substrate and ambient temperature should be above 50°F (10°C). To prevent condensation during application the surface temperature must be 5°F (3°C) or more above the dew point at all times.

Note: For use outside this range please contact your EpoPrime™ Representative.

Specifications (Mixed)

Weight Gallon: 7.5 ± 0.2 lb/gal
Weight Solids: 25 ± 2%
Volume Solids: 22 ± 2%
Viscosity: 13-15” #2 Zahn @ 77°F
Gloss @ 60°: 85+
DOT Class: Flammable, Paint UN1263, Class 3, PG II
HMIS/NFPA: 2,3,0

Safety Precautions

Please refer to all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before using this product. SDS sheets can be obtained by contacting EpoPrime™.

EpoPrime™ Grade II
Two Component Epoxy Primer for Thermoplastic Traffic Paints

EpoPrime™ Grade II is a two component solvent based cross-linking, non-pigmented epoxy coating / primer.

Product Features

  • Tough, durable, clear coating based on the proven two component epoxy cross-linking cure technology.
  • Formulated to be low in viscosity to easily penetrate and fortify weak concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • High compressive and tensile strength to strengthen weak / damaged surfaces.
  • Used as a primer for adhesion promotion.
  • Water resistant to form a strong water barrier to extend the life expectancy of the top coat.

Recommended Uses

Use on porous cementitious and asphalt surfaces viz roads, streets, parking decks.

Surface Preparation

Good surface preparation is essential for the optimum performance of any paint or primer. Substrates must be dry, free of dirt, grease and loose debris. Get an expert opinion before spraying hard to stick surfaces or for problematic environmental conditions during application.

Application Equipment

Brush, roller, conventional or airless spray machines. Check the proper pump pressures, tip sizes, atomizing pressures that are best suitable to get the most efficient spray pattern for the correct mil thickness required. EpoPrime™ Grade II is a solvent based, flammable product. Make certain spray machine is designed for spraying solvent based flammable liquids and is grounded properly.

Mixing Procedure

Mix equal parts of Part A and Part B in an appropriate size container for the batch size needed. Mix the two parts thoroughly. Use before the pot life or product will harden up in the mixing container or the spray machine. When EpoPrime™ Grade II is used as a primer, the Thermoplastic traffic paint ( top Coat ) can be applied over the EpoPrime™ Grade II prime coat after the solvents have flashed out and the EpoPrime™ Grade II has started to cure is slightly tacky.

Storage & Waste Disposal

Flammable, solvent based paint. For professional use only. Keep away from children. Proper agitation and mixing of paint is imperative to ensure proper spray consistency, application results and performance. Make sure lids are properly closed and resealed properly to avoid any spillage

Specifications Data

Part A- Epoxy Resin Solution, Part B- Epoxy Curing Agent

Container: 5 gallons or 55 gallons metal containers
Color: Clear.
Viscosity: 40 - 55 KU
Mixing Ration: Part A : Part B :: 1: 1
Weight Solids: 28 – 32 %
Pot life: 10 – 12 hours at 77 deg F
Volatile Organic Compounds: 2.94 lbs/gal or 353 gms / lit
OverCoat Time: at 77 deg. 50 % RH, 5 – 15 mins
Full Cure: 3 days

Weight Per Gallon: 8.0 – 8.2
Coverage: 200 - 300 sq. feet per gallon
Wet Coverage: 12 – 16 wet Mils
Dry Coverage: 3.5 – 4.0 dry Mils
Dry Mechanism: Epoxy – Amine crosslink
Dry Opacity: Clear
Water Resistant: Good
Clean-up: Toluene, Lacquer thinner
Flash Point: ND, Extremely Flammable
Storage: Keep away from Heat or Sparks

Integrated Chemical Specialties, a division of ITS USA strives to provide our clients with the highest quality, competitively priced product with exceptional customer service and experienced logistical support.

Product Brochure

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